Luxury Feather Pillow - 50/50 Blend

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Luxury Feather Pillow - 50/50 Blend-image47
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Luxury Feather Pillow - 50/50 Blend

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The combination of loft and softness from down and the support and spring-back qualities of small goose feathers in this blended 50% white goose down and 50% white goose feather pillow is perfect for back sleepers. Down Etc highly recommends the consistent use of zippered pillow protectors to protect against sweat and spills and to extend the life of the pillows you love.

Product Overview
  • Available Sizes
    • King: 20"W x 36"L
    • Queen: 20"W x 30"L
  • Color: White
  • Filling: 50% Goose Down, 50% Feather

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